clouds 2 067This post goes out to the Light Workers who increasingly find themselves caught between two worlds. The corporate or Joe Job and their passion and calling – the service of the Light Worker. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, since it was not long ago that I too had this experience. My goal is to help empower you to recognize that you can shift the situation that you are in to be more tolerable, AND dare I say,  enjoyable!

I have to thank a girlfriend of mine, as well as a client, who have both independently come to me for guidance on this matter. How to find enjoyment in a job you hate. If you are like my friend or client, your spiritual awakening has had an impact on the way you see the world. Perhaps this effects the level of happiness you experience at work. My client, had a hard time relating to her military co-workers after her awakening.  If you are like my friend who works in a high paced, pressure cooker environment as an executive administrator, her boss seems to create opportunities for her to fall short.

In these situations, light workers feel that they have no other option but to stay in their jobs for the foreseeable future. So what’s a person to do? Trust. Trust is the very first thing a person can do when they are feeling like life’s circumstances have got you wondering WTF? Let go of the immediate struggle by not focusing on it, and trust that you have arrived at this point in time for a reason.  Trust in the fact that you are offering something that is already very powerful. Your vibrational frequency. Trusting, and understanding that you are not there by happenstance is an important step to empowering you, your truth and the contributions you make to your environment by simply BEing there. By trusting that your contributions to the work environment can be beneficial to all involved and for the foreseeable future will allow for your energy to become focused on aspects of your work and life that actually please you. Being in a place of “making the best out of a less than ideal situation” bodes far better for your satisfaction in life than feeling stuck and miserable. Having hope about the future as opposed to making the best of it, is an even better place yet.


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