Break Out.

Break Thru.

Be You!

Launch into your open-hearted life now!

Your soul came here to have an experience. The heart is the gateway to that full expression. But sometimes, through the course of life, our hearts can be hurt, and close. So we go to therapy. We read books. We live life and set goals and search for new ways of opening. But many times, even though you do all the things to feel fulfilled, that true open-hearted  experience never seems to arrive. Today, all that changes. 

The opportunity to launch into your open-hearted life has just arrived.

Hi, I’m Nora Yolles Young

I am a board certified hypnotherapist, soul-mind coach, author, anthropologist, instructor and intuitive healer.

I’m here to facilitate and guide you through transformation.

If you’ve been seeking deep change for years, you’re in the right place.

I help my clients get to the root of what’s happening on a soul level and shift it so they can heal their past wounds, pivot in the present and re-vision their future through a blend of highly effective hypnotherapy and my unique SoulMind coaching.

Ready for your transformation?

Work with me and dive right in to your Soul Connection

You only have one life in this body, so let’s make the most of it, shall we?

Nora has a way of making you feel comfortable right away. Her presence is calming which truly helps to set the atmosphere for a productive session. Nothing is more sacred than the trust I feel in working with Nora. Her insight is very valuable to me as I move forward on my journey. Hypnotherapy, with Nora as the facilitator, is like no other experience I have had in the past. I highly recommend her for you needs.

~ G.A.J., N.Y.

I work with people in 3 ways.


If you’re ready to deep dive into your subconscious to create sustainable change in your everyday life, I got you.


Community healing is incredibly powerful. I offer monthly group containers with focused intentions.


Ready to become a hypnotherapist yourself? Transpersonal Regression, Hypnotherapy & Certification Training.

Hypnosis Helps You Become Better In All The Ways You Want!

Find out the ways I can help you optimize your mind & body to break through inner barriers, change bad habits, understand your spiritually awakening,  and access greater potential to become the best version of yourself.

The Tribe Session 

Get the healing experience you seek with the added warmth of others in your Tribe. Nora can help your group discover how subconscious health radically shape our choices by providing a fun, extraordinary unique and engaging speaking experience. Find out how Nora can make your next event unforgettable.

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