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 Life Coaches, Alternative Health Practitioners, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs & All who want to work in a helping field

Advanced Clinical, Transpersonal


Regression Hypnotherapy Certification

Join your educators Nora Yolles Young and Jennifer Catlin for this state of the art 220 Hour Certification Training, IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists) approved!

Nora and Jennifer have been trained by internationally recognized and acclaimed Master Hypnotherapist and Educator Paul Aurand.  Known for his extensive work in spiritually based hypnotherapy, Paul has mentored Nora and Jennifer personally. His artistry and deeply impactful work have been shared with Nora and Jennifer and now they can offer this world-class training to you!

In this training you get two advanced, client centered, certified hypnotherapy instructors for the price of one!

Module One

Emphasis: Hypnotic Inductions, Deepening, Parts Therapy and Interactive, Client-Centered Hypnosis.

Early Bird Rate: $1,795 (deposit received by 1/18/19)

Regular Rate: $1,995


February 24- February 28 (Apex, NC), 9a.m.-6p.m.

March 23 (Online), 9a.m.-6p.m.

Module Two

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certification

Module Focus:  Childhood, Womb, and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Early Bird Rate: $1,795 (deposit received by  2/22/19)

Regular Rate: $1,995


March 31-April 4 (Apex, NC), 9a.m.-6p.m.

April 27 (Online), 9a.m.-6p.m.

Who is this course for?

Anyone with a strong desire to help others who are looking for a new career path in the healing arts field.

Anyone seeking self-improvement and deep and profound personal growth

Practitioners and health professionals interested in enhancing their skill set by learning rapid transformation and therapeutic hypnosis techniques.

Others who have taken this course have included therapists, counselors, social workers, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nurses, sports coaches, and teachers.

This client-centered, transpersonal hypnotherapy training consists of two comprehensive modules, and includes advanced hypnotherapy instruction of techniques including, but not limited to, parts therapy, Gestalt and regression (womb, childhood and past life).  This course offers training in the Newton Institute Method of regression for those wishing to later pursue Life Between Lives hypnotherapy and meets the 220 hour requirement for certification through IACT.

Upon completion of both modules, along with required practice and successful case study submissions, you will be eligible to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

Your Instructors:


Jennifer Catlin, M.S., C.Ht. – Jennifer is a school psychologist and trained mindfulness instructor. was introduced to mindfulness and the benefits of guided imagery when practicing as a school psychologist in 2001. Soon after, she certified as a Kripalu yoga instructor and later completed the Duke Integrative Medicine Mindfulness Training for Professionals program. Jennifer is certified as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, regressionist, Life Between Lives® spiritual regressionist, and hypnosis instructor.

Nora Yolles Young, C.Ht.  – Originally trained as an archaeologist anthropologist. Later, following the birth of her first child, she learned to embrace her gifts as an intuitive healer and empath. Through self-discovery, Nora found that her calling is to guide and educate others to access their expanded consciousness through hypnosis. She blends her artistry as a hypnotherapist, regressionist,  Life Between Lives® spiritual regressionist, educator and speaker to offer powerful client, heart-centered services through her trainings, workshops, retreats and her private practice.

She is interested in researching the phenomenon of Near-Death Experiences and their after effects. She has studied a variety of energy healing modalities and became a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist in 2011.

You can see Nora on her Youtube channel Nora Yolles Young’s The Experience! where she interviews thought leaders on consciousness and human awakening. See her Youtube channel Here: . To access her website go to:

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