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 Life Coaches, Alternative Health Practitioners, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs & All who want to work in a helping field

Advanced Clinical, Transpersonal


Regression Hypnotherapy Certification

Join your educators Nora Yolles Young and Jennifer Catlin for this state of the art 220 Hour Certification Training, IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists) approved!

Nora and Jennifer have been trained by internationally recognized and acclaimed Master Hypnotherapist and Educator Paul Aurand.  Known for his extensive work in spiritually based hypnotherapy, Paul has mentored Nora and Jennifer personally. His artistry and deeply impactful work have been shared with Nora and Jennifer and now they can offer this world-class training to you! https://www.paulaurand.com/

In this training you get two advanced, client centered, certified hypnotherapy instructors for the price of one!

Module One

Emphasis: Hypnotic Inductions, Deepening, Parts Therapy and Interactive, Client-Centered Hypnosis.

Early Bird Rate: $1,795 (deposit received by 1/18/19)

Regular Rate: $1,995


February 24- February 28 (Apex, NC), 9a.m.-6p.m.

March 23 (Online), 9a.m.-6p.m.

Module Two

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certification

Module Focus:  Childhood, Womb, and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Early Bird Rate: $1,795 (deposit received by  2/22/19)

Regular Rate: $1,995


March 31-April 4 (Apex, NC), 9a.m.-6p.m.

April 27 (Online), 9a.m.-6p.m.

Who is this course for?

Anyone with a strong desire to help others who are looking for a new career path in the healing arts field.

Anyone seeking self-improvement and deep and profound personal growth

Practitioners and health professionals interested in enhancing their skill set by learning rapid transformation and therapeutic hypnosis techniques.

Others who have taken this course have included therapists, counselors, social workers, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nurses, sports coaches, and teachers.

This client-centered, transpersonal hypnotherapy training consists of two comprehensive modules, and includes advanced hypnotherapy instruction of techniques including, but not limited to, parts therapy, Gestalt and regression (womb, childhood and past life).  This course offers training in the Newton Institute Method of regression for those wishing to later pursue Life Between Lives hypnotherapy and meets the 220 hour requirement for certification through IACT.

Upon completion of both modules, along with required practice and successful case study submissions, you will be eligible to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

Your Instructors:

Jennifer Catlin, M.S., C.Ht. – Jennifer is a school psychologist and trained mindfulness instructor. was introduced to mindfulness and the benefits of guided imagery when practicing as a school psychologist in 2001. Soon after, she certified as a Kripalu yoga instructor and later completed the Duke Integrative Medicine Mindfulness Training for Professionals program. Jennifer is certified as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, regressionist, Life Between Lives® spiritual regressionist, and hypnosis instructor.      www.themindfulway.com

Nora Yolles Young, C.Ht.  – Originally trained as an archaeologist anthropologist. Later, following the birth of her first child, she learned to embrace her gifts as an intuitive healer and empath. Through self-discovery, Nora found that her calling is to guide and educate others to access their expanded consciousness through hypnosis. She blends her artistry as a hypnotherapist, regressionist,  Life Between Lives® spiritual regressionist, educator and speaker to offer powerful client, heart-centered services through her trainings, workshops, retreats and her private practice.

She is interested in researching the phenomenon of Near-Death Experiences and their after effects. She has studied a variety of energy healing modalities and became a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist in 2011.

You can see Nora on her Youtube channel Nora Yolles Young’s The Experience! where she interviews thought leaders on consciousness and human awakening. See her Youtube channel Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4dofibi8a5EOXiM8zXVtdg?view_as=subscriber . To access her website go to: www.essentialhealing101.com

Why Hypnotherapists Make Great Life Coaches

As you may have figured out, I am a hypnotherapist. But what you may not know about the field of hypnotherapy is that we make great life coaches too!

Hypnotherapist have a very special skill, the ability to peer deep within the lives of our clients. This window is called hypnotic trance.

Hypnotic trance may sound spooky to some, but in reality, you and all people go through states of trance throughout the average 24 hour cycle. Trance states are caused by frequencies of the mind, or brain waves measured in cycles per second. These units are called Hertz.

When in a trance state, a highly trained hypnotherapist can nimbly walk their client across the bridge of consciousness into the vast and truly remarkable space of the subconscious mind.

Your subconsciousness is where all of your beliefs, memories, biological processes spiritual aspect and behaviors are stored. I use the term “stored” very loosely as our subconscious mind is not so much a filing cabinet, but a dynamic dance of energetic frequencies and impulses that you tune into like a radio channel and translate with your physical senses and neurological system. Like a very complex wireless computer system.

Human trance states happen all the time.

  • Waking up
  • Falling  asleep
  • Watching tv or computer screens
  • Long boring drives
  • Heightened emotional states
  • Daydreaming
  • Meditating
  • Mindfulness

These are things that we all do all of the time. Hypnotic trance isn’t some passed out state of anesthesia. It’s a highly honed state of focus that can feel very subtle to beginners. And here is the cool part! Using this very natural access point is how hypnotherapist help you first change your inner game for the better. The outer game, bringing what was initiated and shifted while in trance, is the strategic part.

This is where the coaching comes in. When someone comes in for help, they’ve got a goal. Be it quitting smoking, or accessing a loved one who’s passed on. When you know your goal, a hypnotherapist can help you achieve it.

By using trance to connect to the data bank of your life experience or  life program, you can be guided to re-write that inner program in any way that you find serves you best moving forward. After all, this is your life, right?

The best part about it is, you don’t have to dredge up deeply painful experiences to have powerful results.

All that is needed is a clear goal, and with the guidance of your trusted hypnotherapist, the best way forward to you will unfold in very cool and unanticipated ways.

Here are some of the ways a hypnotherapist can help

  • Regression to initiating event – Have a traumatic past experience? A skilled hypnotherapist can take you back in time to view and experience the event from other angles. Providing you with a level of objectivity you might not have had otherwise. By simply viewing an experience through new eyes, transformation can be instantaneous. Enabling you to find, and tell a new, empowering story.


  • Access Inner Wisdom –  Bridging to your subconscious mind is another way of saying accessing the broader perspective of you. Your soul self. In trance, your deeper, essential self has the information you’re looking for. Accessing it is the key. And hypnotherapist who work with the spirit mind, or super consciousness are highly adept at managing this dynamic environment.

  • Renegotiating old perceptions that no longer serve you – This is fun stuff! Where people have typically equated this type of work as hard work, in fact, it can be fun! It can be very much like creating an imaginary game of life. Where your strategizing the areas you’re most focused on. When you’re in a state of trance, you can renegotiating beliefs and patterns of behavior more objectively. This then gives you the chance to see things more clearly and make new choices from that clear, objective point of view. When we know better, we do better.


  • Stress and Anxiousness Reduction Bar none, the best way to repattern thinking away from all negative thoughts such as worry and fear. Reducing negative thought loops enable you, the client, to get on to your bigger, more exciting goals.


  • New timelines and timetables – In the subconscious state, time becomes malleable. You can be guided to reinterpret and heal old wounds and perspectives, or envision the future the way you’d like it to be. This, is like renovating the landscape of your mind for success.


  • Heal the Inner Child  – Childhood is tricky for almost everyone in some way. Hypnotherapy provides a path to reconnecting , healing and integrating the inner child in an easy, seamless way. This process is an essential step in becoming an empowered and successful person in life.

  • Healing Grief and Loss – Hypnotherapeutic trance occurs at a brain frequency that psychic/mediums connect with passed loved ones. In this state, loved ones can come through into the awareness of you the client to share messages of love and reassurance, which expedites healing after loss. Note: not all hypnotherapist are trained in this skill.


  • Alleviate Pain and Heal the Body – Pain management, and healing DISease in the body is another powerful way hypnotherapists help people get back on track with life. From pain free child delivery, to initiating powerful healing due to shifting toxic thought patterns, the potential for profound improvement to the quality of our lives is accessible within the realm of mind.

  • Release Fear of Death – Transpersonal hypnotherapists like me have an extra ace in our back pocket, because we have the skill-set to help people connect with their soul self. Once you connect with that broader perspective, a major recalibration can happen. You start to see from a 30,000 foot, zoomed out view. Meaning, you start to “get it” and why you are here on the planet. You can discover, maybe I’m not just bumbling around for no reason! What could be more motivating than that? Who wouldn’t want to figure out the true meaning of why they’re here?

And these are just to name a few!

Working with a hypnotherapist can be a one stop shop for all of your self improvement needs. Hypnotherapist like Life Coaches have strategies, yes, Hypnotherapists have the added component of offering you the support and encouragement you need to be accountable for the targeted, strategic changes your making while helping you tweak the internal infrastructure of your mind including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of self. This supercharges the capability of the hypnotherapist and creates a powerful, holistic scheme with which to personalize your launch trajectory to success.

Consider investing in your future in a way that offers the greatest leverage. Hypnotherapy to achieve massive success mind, body and soul.






Career Camouflage – A Light Workers Guide to Finding…



Next suggestion: Disengage from the drama!

One of the reasons you maybe getting negative feedback, or get whispered about behind your back, or are thought of as the odd ball – misfit in the group, is because you are! BUT in a good way. Your higher vibrational frequency can be discordant to those of different vibratory cycles – and that is a good thing – the way of a way-shower. The good news is, this does not mean that you have to quit your job tomorrow, or stay miserable. Own it, stand in that truth. Feel the confidence of that empowerment, then allow yourself to remain confident in that truth without needing to disclose this to the people you work with. Keep this truth to yourself. This is not appropriate work time conversation.

Firstly, and on your own free time, figure out why you are at the job you are at and how long you need to stay there.

Next, decide what your intention is. Is it to get through a year until retirement or is it to hang in there until you find another job? These decisions will help you by providing a timeline to work within.

Next, figure out where the discordant vibrational offering is coming from. In other words, who is “vibing” you out? Is it the boss or is it a click of folks that tend to be the gossipers? Figure out order of magnitude: Boss, manager, co-worker, subordinate etc. then proceed with your first priority. The person who has the biggest ax to grind with the larger paycheck, they will be first priority.

First thing’s first, decide that you would like to grow and expand from this experience. Come into the present moment with a fresh perspective by forgiving all involved for any past drama. Put the past to rest, and start anew each and every day. If letting go and forgiving feels difficult, trying setting the intention to let go and allow forgiveness with the passage of time.

Come to work grounded. Do your inner prep-work before you step in the work door. Meditate, mantra, exercise do what you can to maximize your happiness quotient.

Remember that you are a sovereign being. Each moment is a chosen moment by you. You can chose how you will feel about your work.


Fear Fundamentals

“May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism.”

– Unknown

I had a great lesson about fear today. This morning, after waking up early and feeling proud of myself for meditating AND doing yoga, I was faced with a high (family) drama situation, and it ALL happened before 7:30 am! My 5 year old daughter who is in the phase of life where she is losing her front teeth, unexpectedly had one of her front teeth almost knocked out by her brother last night while rough-housing before bed. She awoke this morning in a haze of fear. I failed to figure out exactly what was causing the fear; fear of pain, blood, looking funny, loss of control, being teased by kids at school… it could have been any number of things. In her young mind, she assumed that if she stayed tucked in that state of fear induced paralysis for long enough, the tooth drama would just magically go away. Her Mommy and Daddy had the lucky job of bringing down the hammer of reality.

“We must move past the fear, my sweet girl”. As parents, finding the least harmful option out of an out-right lame list of choices is tricky terrain. The goal – DO NO HARM. And when that is not possible, option B becomes – Do the Least Amount of Harm possible.

In the final analysis, fear is an important tool for human beings. It works great when running from a runaway train. In my opinion, we humans have become quite fond of the benefits of FEAR. Wait did she say benefits? Yes, I did! Fear enables us to live a life outside of the NOW moment. It’s great for that. If we are always thinking about how to be prepared for the unknown, we miss where we actually are. Our bodies may be in the now, but we are not in our bodies when we are in fear, we are actually visiting the place or thing we are afraid of. Meaning, we are unplugged from our selves, and ungrounded and totally separate from the NOW moment. This also wreaks havoc on all aspects of our beings: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The benefit? Avoiding the discomfort of the unknown.

Fear in the physical body causing the release of harmful stress hormones that increase likelihood of dis-ease.

Fear in the emotional body show up as emotional blocks, which are the locations of “issues” in your energetic body. Over time, these emotional blocks can make it more and more difficult to cope and interfere with the healthy flow of energy in the emotional body, which can lead to the development of physical symptoms (i.e. pushing down fear through over eating).

Allowing fear into the mental body by watching fear saturated images on television and the media, or living lives that embrace “preemptive” approaches to problems can distract us from the ever present magic and serendipity that is constantly nudging and validating us along our path. A thought pattern based in fear sounds like “I really want to go to the beach today, but I am afraid it might rain”. The fear is the of the unknown. The rain is the excuse not to be in the moment. Closing the door on an activity that would otherwise create unlimited possibilities.

Fear in the spirit body makes it very difficult for us to actualize our “higher” goals, which includes manifesting our dreams and connecting with our inner truth.

Living a life free of fear is a choice. It takes evaluating the kinds of interactions we engage in every day. From the types of television shows we watch (i.e. crime shows, shows where people are treating one another badly, violent shows, natural disaster shows and the like) to the way we relate to the world. Am I perpetuating a life of fear for myself and family? How do I live a life where fear is not over utilized?

By 7:40am, my daughter had survived having her tooth pulled and all calm was restored.

I would love to hear what you think about clearing the fear from your life, and what you do to make life more fear-free.

Until then, have a glorious day!

Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending.