I’m a resource to help navigate into your open hearted life!   

Think about it.

You’ve been on this planet for years. You know yourself and your experience. You know what you’ve tried, the effort you’ve given, the healing you’ve done.

But up until now, you haven’t known me.

Let me be frank, you didn’t end up on this page out of coincidence. You ended up
here because you’re seeking– maybe it’s peace, maybe it’s change, maybe it’s

Here’s what I know, if you’re ready to shift, I’m here to help.

And no, I’m not a magician or snake oil salesman. I’m a science-enthusiast, a spiritual
being, and a highly trained hypnotherapist and healer who sees the badass inside of
you that you can’t always see for yourself.

My role here is to help you access more of you so you can live the life you came here for.

“Past life regression with Nora was a fascinating experience! I had never been hypnotized before, and it was nothing like I expected. I consider myself a rational, scientific person, and with Nora’s guidance I was able to connect with a source of knowledge that I can’t explain but cannot deny. I learned things about my past I never knew.”

— R.L., Raleigh, NC

Energy Healing

“I had an immensely positive experience with Nora. She was a strong but calm presence, and my session with her left me feeling renewed. I had been experiencing hip pain for years but had seen some recent improvement due to physical therapy. My session with Nora took the final remnant of pain away. It seems she invited me to let it go, and I was able to; this had everything to do with the container she created, her energy, and the work of her hands.”

— T.M., Bynum, NC

Whether you want to work together 1:1, join a group, or learn hypnotherapy yourself.

Let’s get started.

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