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Sometimes experiences in life can go beyond logical explanation. We’ve all had strange occurrences that seem elusive and difficult to find words for.

Memories that have no context in one current life, or so it would seem.

Inexplicable things like meeting strangers that feel like family,

relationships with powerful magnetic draws,

Coincidences and synchronicities

Physical sensations in the body

These unanswered questions can weigh on our minds and be difficult to ignore, with seemingly no way to address them. If can relate to these types of experiences, this is where spiritual regression comes in.

En Utero – Hypnotherapists have discovered that the personality of the developing fetus is unable to distinguish the difference between themselves and their Mother. In essence, there is no distinction between mom and baby at that phase of development.

Not all pregnancies are happy. When they are difficult, the experience of the developing life can be significantly imprinted by the mindset and experience of the mother. En utero regression, provides a wonderful healing opportunity for those that feel negatively imprinted by their time in the womb. This session can be a powerful kickstart to relaunching lives limited by these wounds. Generating deep healing, understanding, compassion and forgiveness for all involved.

Spiritual Regression is the general term I use to describe past life regression, and life between lives® therapy, two of the more divine and sacred hypnotherapy sessions I offer.

Past Life Regression  Your subconscious contains all knowledge. By accessing memories that predate your current life, you have the opportunity to expand your understanding of self, heal forgotten traumas  and gain a new, more empowering, and life-enhancing awareness for your current life.

Life Between Lives® Therapy  A deeply sacred hypnotic experience pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton. This technique is a secondary session  following a past life regression session. These sessions are epic in length and scope. You will visit your most recent past life, then explore the spirit realm, which is your soul’d home when you are not here in a physical body. In this session, it is our goal to introduce you to your spiritual council and learn more about your soul’s progress, and answer any burning questions you may have about your current life’s circumstances.

Womb Regression – Womb regression is a powerful way to learn more about your early pre-verbal experiences in this life. In this session you will gain deep insight into your soul’s intention for you, your relationships while accessing a broader understanding of who you truly are.

Hypnotic Shamanic Journey – I created this session to address the evolving needs of my clients. In this very sacred session you journey to connect with your divine guidance. It is in this connection with the divine that you will have the opportunity to bring a list of prepared questions to ask your spiritual team. We spend time on healing and accessing prescriptive guidance that will enhance your life. If you are blocked creatively, professionally or personally and would like divine guidance, this or a Life Between Lives session pave the path to this broader perspective.

Whether you are haunted by an inexplicable block, trying to put the puzzle pieces of life together, want to know about your soul’s journey or you’re just curious, past life regression, Life Between Lives Therapy, and other spiritual regression techniques can provide the powerful life changing experience you are seeking.

 Here’s what a client had to say about his past life regression with me.

“Nora Young — in her astute, professional practice of past-life regression hypnosis (PLR) — breathes life into the hallowed words of Emerson and deftly guides her clients safely down through the whitewater labyrinth of multiple reincarnation existences. It is her gift: an archeology of the soul. With Nora’s expert craft, we together laid out the rich, multidimensional matrix of a number of my heart-familiar soul manifestations to examine and interpret the past and present (and future?) and their connective, interactive influences.

On reflection, my multiple lives seem to be quantum-attached drops of water in a circular soul river that flows omnipresent and eternal across all space and time. Two hours with Nora in PLR is worth a thousand hours of conventional couch therapy. Get on the raft with Nora and float down The River to the Source. Enjoy the trip!”

— J.R., Chapel Hill, NC

Whether you are having a past life regression, or working on something in your current life hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a gateway to true transformation.

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