We can sometimes forget, or perhaps never learn that we’re all

more than just human selves living here on Earth.

That only a small portion of who you truly are is here living as the

person that is you.

You may wonder, what are the other parts of me doing while this

very real life of mine is happening?

They’re thriving.

Most of who you are, resides and lives as divine light energy…

Conscious and aware in the realm that it is focused in, and yes,

it’s thriving.

To us, it the energy that animates life.

It is also the life force that consciousness flows from.

It is what rejoins what is already thriving in the nonphysical

experience when life ends.

When you’re alive it’s the consciousness that anchors you

here in physical bodies.

When that body is done, you return back to your wholeness.

It’s something your soul has done before, and it knows exactly

what it’s doing.

You can trust that.

There is indeed something bigger than all of us here.

You can trust that too.

Who you are is more amazing, unconditionally loving, connected,

capable and powerful than humans commonly discuss.

Can we connect with this divine aspect?


Through the portal of your mind body complex is the way in.

Your mind, body and emotions are a highly advanced

bioconscious, multi-dimentional mechanism that when accessed,

can change everything.

Heal wounds at their core ☑️

Love others better ☑️

Understand self deeply ☑️

Own your authentic truth for greater fulfillment ☑️

Step more fully into your divine path. ☑️

Be a source of light in this life. ☑️

You can also learn how to do this for other people. ☑️

Soul Connection Hypnosis is launching an epic training that

shows you how to do all of this for yourself, while gaining the skill

set to facilitate life changing sessions for others.

If you’d like to deepen your understanding of how to bridge your

life and the lives of others and have already discovered your

desire to be a part of the wellness community that evolves


Then this training is for you.

Training starts September 11th. We have a few seats available!

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