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Hypnosis For Weight Loss and Improving Fitness

Imagine feeling like the body you’re in IS the right fit.


End the struggle.


Reprogram your relationship with food and fitness and enjoy life in your body.


Achieve total success with your weight loss/fitness/lifestyle goals. I offer a highly customized 6 session program that addresses your specific road blocks to weight loss, or help you reprogram your thinking for performance optimization.
The Program Includes:
  • Team work between me and you! My part. Your part, lean on me to help guide you through those tricky moments that have up till now stopped you in your tracks.
  • Identifying your subconscious patterns of behavior and beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals
  • Exploring your relationships with food as well as old relationship patterns that might be disruptive to your weight loss goals.
  • Identifying your ideal and realistic lifestyle balance
  • Releasing perceptions that no longer serve you
  • Recalibrating your mindset to optimize success in all areas of life including: overeating, emotions and food, snacking, craving, metabolism, mindful nourishment, presence, self confidence, inner strength, self love.
  • Reclamation of your trust in self and that anything in life is possible!
This is how my program works
1. Initial no cost consultation by phone (15-30 minutes). This is where I offer details about how this program works and what you can learn if this is the right program for you.
2. 1st session is 2 hours. Includes, intake, identifying goals and intentions, diagnostic hypnosis, strategy for following sessions. May include homework.
3. Sessions 2-5. 60-90 minute sessions. Includes, discussion, hypnotherapy and coaching. This may also include homework.
4. Final session of program is an anytime follow up.
5. Customized audio recording
Because of the complex and dynamic nature of weight loss, it’s essential that payment be complete by the start of the program. If after the first session you feel that this program will not work for you, I will be happy to reimburse you the remaining balance. I’ve learned though experience that this financial commitment and investment is key in this process.
Thank You for your interest in hypnotherapy.
I’m excited about the possibility of supporting your weight loss journey with this powerful work.

Payments can be made incrementally leading up to the start of the program.

Total program payment must be complete by the start of the program.

How much will you save by finally having the weight and health you’ve wanted for so long?

Now offering coaching while you walk!

Imagine getting the motivation, support and encouragement you need while you work out!

Ask Nora for details!

For information, go to my online scheduler to set up your no obligation information call today.