But what if I don’t believe in past lives…

Hypnotherapists who specialize in past life regressions (PLR’s) are often asked, do I have to believe in past lives to have a past life regression? The short answer, no.

Believe it or not the experience of a PLR is more about allowing yourself to have an experience and less about the actual past lives you experience. As with any adventure, we understand that once the adventure has begun it’s best to simply allow it to happen. A gifted regressionist will gently and nimbly guide one through their unique connection with these forgotten aspects of self. Assisting the client in reconnecting these potent morsels to provide for maximum growth and healing in the current life time.

One of the misconceptions people have about PLR’s is that having one is like going to a movie theater and watching a lifetime unfold as if it were an epic drama. The experience is actually much more powerful than that. Imagine yourself going from total amnesia to total knowing in an instant; wouldn’t that be nice? Total clarity! Clients are actually living their previous life accessed from the subconscious mind in a download type fashion. Once a memory is accessed, it’s is the clients to have and hold for greater understanding. These rich memories allow us to actually re-experience these select moments in their soul’s life to help inform the current life.


It’s important to trust that a person will always get the most appropriate information available at the time of a session. The best way to prepare, is by coming into a session with an open mind and without expectations. This enables a person to get the most out of an experience that has unlimited potential for generating insight.

PLR’s open the doors to deeper meaning and greater clarity of purpose in life. They can help alleviate mysterious illnesses and fears by accessing lifetimes where injuries or traumas that have been carried into the current life.

I love PLR’s because they are an amazing tool for healing and for effortlessly showing and reminding clients of their infinite and spiritual nature. It reconnects us to each other and to the magical harmony that is life.


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