Do you ever feel like you know what you want until you talk to
someone else about it, and they tell you what they think you
“should” do, or what you “need” to do?
Then you do what they say to do, and it turns out not at all the
way you wanted or expected it.
If you’d just gone with what you thought was right for you, it
would have been far better of an outcome.
But you shoved your insight aside.
You thought openly, maybe they know something I don’t.
Here’s the thing.
It didn’t work, because you didn’t check it with what you already
know in your heart to be true.
There is no other person in the universe that knows what
is better for you than, you guessed it, you!
I get it!
There’s no blame here.
This same thing has happened to me too!
It’s something that I felt frustrated by for years!
I’m the kind of person who loves to take on people’s information
and try it on for size.
But what used to happen when I did that is I took
it too far.
I let the opinions of others become my opinions.
I squelched my insight and shoved it aside only to take on theirs.
I chose to value other people’s opinions over my own.
But here’s the thing.
You have something within you that is perfectly customized.
A delivery system that gives you the perfect truth, data, insight
and guidance for you on your unique path.
It knows your trials and tribulation.
It knows how ready you are.
It loves you unconditionally.
It is designed to make your life easier.
It want’s you to succeed in achieving your hearts desire in life.
I’m talking about is your consciousness.
You can also call it inner awareness.
It’s not the same thing as your thoughts.
It’s connected to what you feel, and it’s spot on, powerful, and
just for you, every time.
The information you get is specific to you.
Not your parents opinion of who you should be.
Not your well meaning friends understanding of you.
Not your coaches multimillion dollar understanding of you.
It is the technology of your soul wisdom.
Communicating in real time.
You have this amazing, robust gadgetry within you, but you don’t
use it.
But it’s there.
In the back ground.
Ready to have your back.
When you don’t use it.
Other people’s opinions become easier to hear.
Accessing it is a learnable skill.
It’s like an app upgrade, but within you.
Once you know it, you get the full benefit of that upgrade.
You get to truly know thy self.
When you work with someone one on one to develop your skill,
the potential of what is possible becomes infinite.
That person must know how to help you hear your own authentic
Able to be truly client centered in your authentic soveriegn truth.
Imagine how amazing your life can be! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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