Building resilience by understanding the
3 Essential Phases of Transformation
We are all going through transformation in life.
Transformation builds resilience if we let it.
The goal is to develop practices that support resilience building, provide insight and resourcefulness when we emerge on the other side.
There are 3 main phases of transformation:
Like a book there is a beginning, middle and end.
There are 3 key main phases of transformation to pay attention to. I call these phases: The initiation, Riding the Wave, and Completion.
The Initiation – This is when something happens that shakes up the rhythm of your life. An experience that tells you,
“we’re not in Kansas anymore!”.
An event or experience has happened in your life that cannot be ignored. T
This is the Initiation phase.
The next phase.
Riding the wave – This is the phase where the change is happening, like a storm or a tidal wave it’s blowing through your life. It can be sudden like a bomb blast, gradual and slow moving like a lazy river, or somewhere in between.
However your experiencing this event. It’s all about riding that wave, because it’s here, and it’s happening, and it cannot be ignored.
The key here, is TRUST. Trust that you have what it takes to get through it. Even if you or others have told you otherwise in the past.
Trusting that whatever comes, you have what it takes to get through it.
Instead, consider it an opportunity to let go of and to ride the wave of what is in front of you. One step at a time.
Ride the waves of your emotions. Acknowledge them as they come up. and TRUST
This is the time to draw upon all of your resources, internal and external.
When you let yourself bend into the challenges and move away from being defined by them, by becoming the observer of the experience you’re having, and letting them move through. You can release the need to control the uncontrollable. Trust that you will eventually get back to shore. You will arrive on the other side of the experience.
During transformative events, there will be moments of rest. Like little coves along the river bank. Take the rest and downtime when the opportunity arises. Worrying about when the next wave will hit will only stress, and deplete you; reducing your ability to stand in balance and strength.
When you do this, it has a cumulative effect.
It builds your inner muscles of resilience to reinforce your strength through adversity.
Do not judge yourself for needing more down time than
necessary. Just give it to yourself. It won’t always be like that.
Eventually, you get to the phase of Completion – This is when you finally reach shore after being out in tumultuous seas of transformation.
Completion is an important time not to be missed.
When you honor the process of transformation as an inevitable
phase of the transformational experience, you have another
options than to be defined or victimized by what’s happening.
You’ll know you’re complete when you feel an internal shift within, like a feeling of encapsulation. You will feel it in your bones. It will feel like closure.
This is a win! 😍
No matter how big or small the transformation has been. Taking the time to acknowledge the journey you’ve just navigated anchors the experience within you as a valuable learning experience to draw upon in future life events.

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