Innately good NOT evil

Contrary to popular belief
you were born innately good, NOT innately flawed.
When you understand this, you can drop the battle within.
The battle with the angel and devil on your shoulders.
The wrong or flawed.
The winner or the loser.
When you understand that those parts of you are
simply remnants of the conditioning you’ve picked up through
the experience of being a person in this wild and whacky world.
The battle can end.
You can get on with living and stop having to use your vital life energy
to hide, shoved away and keep your ‘demons’ at arms length
without fear of becoming them.
That was a lie you’ve been told.
You are not those things.
Because they’re NOT you.
You are comprised of something entirely more awesome.
Find congruence with your true, authentic, innate GOODNESS.

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