SPRING 2023!

Coaches, Healers, Therapist and Wellness Practitioners

Soul Connection Hypnosis Certification Training

Bring your wellness practice to the next level, and combine your skillset

with transpersonal hypnotherapy to create your unique artistry.

LIVE and ONLINE Training!
SPRING 2023!

Part 1: February 26 – March 3

Part 2: March 27 – April 1



Imagine yourself with a wonderful cohort of students learning this important work!

Part 1

(Both courses needed for certification)

Basic and Intermediate Integrative,

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

NOW REGISTERING: Next Course One: September 11-16

9am-6pm, EST



(both courses needed for certification)

Advanced Hypnotherapy

and  Past Life Regression

NOW REGISTERING: Next Course Two: November 9-14

9am-6pm, EST

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Are you ready blend your current skill-set with deep consciousness shift work? Have you been interested in becoming a certified hypnotherapist but don’t know where to begin?

If you’ve answered yes to either of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. The Raleigh School of Hypnosis is the best place to learn transpersonal and spiritual hypnotherapy out there. In this heart-centered program, you will receive quality, supervised practice and support throughout your training and after you have certified; supporting life long learning and career development.

You will Receive:

  • Daily Small Group Instruction and Discussions
  • Daily Live Demonstrations
  • Daily Supervised Experiential Sessions
  • Instruction in basic and advanced hypnotherapy techniques (inductions, deepening, parts therapy, self hypnosis, regression, ancestral healing, Gestalt and much more!)
  • Course Manuals
  • Intake, History and Release Forms
  • A Script Library
  • Case Work Reviews (submitted after courses are complete)
  • Hypnotherapy Certification
  • Student IACT Membership (we pay for your student membership once you begin module one)
  • Access to your new community of other trained hypnotherapists
  • Optional mentorship once coursework is complete
  • Support while you certify
  • Ongoing support after you’ve certified

Who are Our Courses Right For?   

Actually, anyone can become a hypnotherapist as long as there is a strong desire to help others. If you’re a Life Coach, Alternative Health Practitioner, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer, Medical Professional or anyone else who has considered hypnosis and wants to be in service in this way, this course has been specifically designed with you in mind. We work with students who are interested in expanding who they are as individuals in order to help others do the same. If you have the desire to be of service to humanity, this training is for you!

What are Our Courses About?

We offer a transpersonal, client-centered hypnosis training program designed to bring about effective change and empower the individuals you work with. You will be trained in basic and advanced techniques that provide you with the necessary skills to be a successful certified hypnotherapist. The courses were created with you in mind and they will help you to help your clients blossom through personal transformation. You will receive scripts and techniques for offering hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, pain management, self confidence, inner critic, fears, womb regression, childhood regression, past life regression and more.
Techniques taught include Inductions, Deepeners, Parts Therapy, Gestalt, Ancestral Healing, Regression, and more.

Advanced Clinical, Transpersonal, and Regression Hypnotherapy Certifications are Available.


Cary, NC

*please contact us for the specific address as this training is held in a private rental to offer a private and comfortable space.

 Here’s what Hannah had to say about our training!

“I recently completed my second Hypnosis course with Jennifer and Nora and I was simply blown away by both the content and their ability to teach it. I have taken many courses from excellent presenters and Nora and Jennifer are individually and jointly top notch in their style of teaching and in their alignment of values. They are both heart centered, have true integrity and deliver a quality program; they exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the Raleigh School of Hypnosis to both new and seasoned hypnotists!”      – Dianna

“Nora and Jen are amazingly dedicated and accessible teachers. This is the third course I have taken in hypnotherapy from different teachers and schools. Raleigh School of Hypnosis was by far the best experience I had. They broke down the material into easy to understand and accessible chunks that built on one another. I look forward to all their advanced courses and will be returning.

Raleigh School of Hypnotherapy is perfect for people just beginning and for career hypnotherapists looking to augment and enhance understanding.”    – Lisa

“I wish there was an option for exceeded expectations! I didn’t realize it would be personal healing & transformation in addition to the material learning. You two are phenomenal and should be very proud. Thank you so much. These memories will be with me forever.”       -Corbin

“The manual and slides were so helpful, detailed, and informative. And, the two of you as a team were (are) skilled, professional and excellent instructors. Thank you so very much!”     -Lisa

“I’ve never met instructors who cared as much about my success as Nora and Jen. This training was life-changing for me. And I approach my work with hypnosis now in a more meaningful and transformational way.”     – Sharon

“Absolutely loved the training I received from Jen & Nora. Both deeply committed to the students and the hypnotherapy community. Together they make a wonderful team. Highly recommend their courses for beginners to those looking to broaden their hypno horizons.”       – Kari

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