“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”  

~ Albert Einstein

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“Nora has a way of making you feel comfortable right away. Her presence is calming which truly helps to set the atmosphere for a productive session. Nothing is more sacred than the trust I feel in working with Nora. Her insight is very valuable to me as I move forward on my journey. Hypnotherapy, with Nora as the facilitator, is like no other experience I have had in the past. I highly recommend her for you needs.”

~ G.A.J., N.Y.

“I am deeply grateful to Nora and the transformational support she offers through her unique brand of Regression Hypnotherapy.
I came to Nora wanting to release patterns that were not serving me and to embrace the truth and sovereignty within me – to show up authentically, valuably and fully.
Since my session with Nora, I have experienced some pretty significant shifts in my perspectives, how I feel and how I choose to show up.  I can say that I am feeling much more at peace in my relationships and am finding healthy ways to hold compassionate boundaries within my life.  I choose the way in which I react to and engage with others, and the changes within me feel much more authentic and “automatic” than I would have thought possible.
Thank you, Nora, for your expertise, compassion and groundedness.  You and your work have absolutely made a difference in my life! “~ Anonymous, Central, NC
“I seek her counsel and wisdom as a first line intervention when I am stuck and unclear. I always come away with a huge shift in awareness and new insights that assist me in moving forward confidently in my personal life and career struggles. Her support in my life is treasured.   She is an essential member of my comprehensive cosmic/enlightened mental health care team. Her work is like a tuning fork for your own truth and confidence. “
 – HK, La Sargento, Baja, Mexico

“I had the most amazing past-life regression session with Nora back in 2012 and then continued with spiritual regression sessions with her via telephone.  Nora has an amazing ability to help tease out the underlying issues and to bring transformational healing to those areas. Her voice is soothing and clear, I just feel safe to go deep in her presence. She holds a high vibration for sure. I’m thrilled for myself to get to have live sessions with her and so glad to have an amazing resource for my bodywork clients.”

– OFD, Carrboro, NC

“Working with Nora has been the single most expansive, healing and empowering thing I have ever done with any healer I have ever worked with.  That’s saying a lot because I’m a business coach for healers and coaches for over 4 years now.  I love the way that in both our coaching and hypnosis sessions, Nora uses her intuition fearlessly to guide me into powerful new ways of being, feeling and experiencing the world that allows for my true nature, calling and purpose to shine through in all areas of my life.  Although this is going to sound funny, to me Nora is like red bull in that after working with her, I have wings.  I’m ecstatic to say my happiness has soared, my intellect has exploded into new boundary breaking territory and business is booming on a whole new level since our work started only a short while ago.  All I can say is that you have to experience her work and if you do, I have no question you’ll want to  go deeper because its truly transformative.”

– SDS, San Diego, CA

“Nora Young — in her astute, professional practice of past-life regression hypnosis (PLR) — breathes life into the hallowed words of Emerson and deftly guides her clients safely down through the whitewater labyrinth of multiple reincarnation existences. It is her gift: an archeology of the soul. With Nora’s expert craft, we together laid out the rich, multi-dimensional matrix of a number of my heart-familiar soul manifestations to examine and interpret the past and present (and future?) and their connective, interactive influences.

On reflection, my multiple lives seem to be quantum-attached drops of water in a circular soul river that flows omnipresent and eternal across all space and time. Two hours with Nora in PLR is worth a thousand hours of conventional couch therapy. Get on the raft with Nora and float down The River to the Source. Enjoy the trip!”

— J.R., Chapel Hill, NC

“I met Nora and instantly connected with her pleasant natural state of being, and when I discovered Nora’s profession, I immediately made and appointment. One week later, I was in her very comfortable studio and sitting in a very comfortable chair beginning to relax. The experience began to unfold and gain momentum. Nora began to ask a set of well thought out, insightful, intuitive and grounding questions. These questions began to uncover strengths and gifts which were lying dormant just under the surface. Nora then began to provide, encourage and guide me with tools allowing an enjoyable effortless release of blockages and negative beliefs. This release is continuing and is ever expanding!

The teachings and tools Nora has blessed me with are exponentially becoming more and more effective everyday. These tools are continuously evolving, motivating and accelerating my whole being into what I can only describe as an unreasonable happiness. A truly enjoyable, exciting, effective and empowering ongoing experience elevating myself into everything I have ever desired to be! Nora has the ability to translate enlightening knowledge with nothing less than all of her heart and soul! An incredibly resourceful teacher, with the purest of integrity! I recommend Nora with the highest of regards.”

– M.S. Honolulu, HI

“The first time I experienced being hypnotized was with Nora. I was scared and didn’t know what to expect. Nora was calming and reassuring. She created the space for me to feel relaxed and comfortable. She presented the concept of hypnosis as relaxing and allowing. I had always believed it was possible and yet there was something in my way. Through hypnosis with Nora I was able to connect with the part of myself that is pure love and in talking with Nora I began to love myself in a way I hadn’t ever before. It is quite magical.”

— T.C., Durham, NC

“My past life session with Nora was exceptional. The experience and messages are still resonating with me. Nora’s skill and expertise in gently navigating the session was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Nora to anyone looking to have a past life regression.”

— M.W., Fuquay Varina, NC

“Past life regression with Nora was a fascinating experience! I had never been hypnotized before, and it was nothing like I expected. I consider myself a rational, scientific person, and with Nora’s guidance I was able to connect with a source of knowledge that I can’t explain but cannot deny. I learned things about my past I never knew.”

— R.L., Raleigh, NC

Energy Healing

“I had an immensely positive experience with Nora. She was a strong but calm presence, and my session with her left me feeling renewed. I had been experiencing hip pain for years but had seen some recent improvement due to physical therapy. My session with Nora took the final remnant of pain away. It seems she invited me to let it go, and I was able to; this had everything to do with the container she created, her energy, and the work of her hands.”

— T.M., Bynum, NC

“I was a first-time energy healing client, so I didn’t know what to expect. Nora was calm, graceful and reassuring. I felt totally comfortable with her confident approach and never felt awkward. She clearly knows what she is doing. Afterwards, I immediately felt lighter, more relaxed, and more centered. I also experienced an improvement in my monthly migraines. I highly recommend her, even to spiritual healing ‘newbies’ who might have some skepticism about the approach – Nora bridges that gap with ease, making everyone feel comfortable, no matter what their beliefs or concerns.”

— H.W., Pukalani, HI


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