I’ve always been a big Rush fan. If you know Rush, you know that their fan’s tend to be rather geeky and philosophical. One of the things that stands out to me about Rush is that they met in High School and they stayed together for 40 years. The band mates always enjoyed one another’s company and they always strove for excellence. Geddy Lee, the lead singer and bassist said in a recent documentary that their fans gave them the freedom to become who they were. And I, being the Rush nerd that I am, contemplate the deeper meaning of what a world might be like if we all had that level of love and support. Would we all thrive?
Although that is not something I can really know the answer to, I can consider that there are 3 key things that I see in the longevity of Rush and their thriving.
* Doing something that they love with those they love.
* Commitment to excellence.
* Resilience through intentional focus.
When we combine these 3 elements in the expression of our own lives, we become the Rock Stars of our own experience. What that Rock Stardom looks like is unique to everyone of us. Yet the fact remains, we can show up in life like a Rush, or a Led Zeppelin, or like a half-tuned, unpracticed lounge club act. We get to choose and the only one really judging is you.
What is your legacy? 🤟🤘🌟⚡️
We can all find solace in these key notions, because they remind us that even, sweet, nerdy, nice, thoughtful, people can achieve what might seem impossible. I’ve certainly been inspired to re-connect with my Rush filled roots and dive into the multi layered cocophany of lyic, sound, rhythm and soul expression.
We may not have the magnificent Neil Peart here in physical form to amaze us with his rhythmic precision and his lyrical genius, but we do have Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, the legacy of inspiration and one-of-a-kind musical gravitas of 40 years of Rush to remind us what being human is all about.
Is it time to create your inner Rock Star Legacy?

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