Life can be miserable, depressing and challenging with the chaos of the times we’re in.

From the global pandemic, and threats of war to fears of safety and economic collapse.

It’s easy to feel lost, confused and that heavy dread that keeps us stuck in our tracks, wondering what the best nexts steps might be.

Looking around for resources and answers can feel as if we’re falling head long into a bottomless rabbit hole. There’s so much advice out there that it’s tough to know who’s right.

My recommendation to you is to lean into what feels true and in congruence with your head, heart and gut brains. When combined and accessed in conjunction with the intelligence that is the life force energy that animates your body, you will have what you need to make better decision in your life.

The 3 brains

Heart Brain – Soul Portal – When it comes to making decisions, this is the access point to your soul. Who wouldn’t want that as a resource for making your best decisions? The intelligence of this window to the soul can not be underestimated. This is also the gateway to understanding the experience of unconditional love. Initially, the heart brain can be shut down and become walled off with all kinds of scar tissue and fortifications of protection from life’s hurts. This can cause us to forget how to work with the heart brain. To ignore and misunderstand its purpose. The good news is, the heart can heal and open to become a huge asset to you in your life. The first easy step is to acknowledge and decide that the heart is a resource and that you are willing to start listening to what it has to share with you. That is the initiation.

When learning how to access the heart brain, it helps to get familiar with the location of the energy that is the heart-soul portal. It is an energy center located just beneath the sternum. Get comfortable with putting your hand there to get familiar with the felt experience of connecting with the heart. It also helps to use your imagination to activate the energy centers in your body. When connecting with the wisdom that is flowing through your heart-soul portal, have a clear question in mind. I recommend asking the head brain last. Initially, the head brain will make it’s opinions known no matter what energetic resource you’re tapping into. That’s ok. Get familiar with the voices of the different aspects of you and the information that’s flowing through. Place your hand on your heart center and imagine breathing through the heart. Feel the heart open in the breath. Then ask your question. Notice the very first answer that comes through. Then notice if there is a contrary voice that pops in. If so, that’s simply the intellect or head brain doing what it thinks it needs to do to protect you. Do your best not to worry about it. It’s just not familiar with you accessing the other intelligences. Remember, the head brain is not your enemy, it’s your friend, it’s just not used to having you listen to your higher level intelligence and it feels a little competitive. Over time, you will establish trust between the various brains. The heart and gut brains don’t concern themselves with the head brain’s point of view. The heart and gut are most sovereign and aligned with your inner wisdom than your head brain is for the time being. It’s not that you’re not going to trust the head brain, instead, you’re going to recruit additional powerful resources to help you make your best decisions.

Gut Brain – Body Wisdom – This is your direct connection to all knowing when it comes to your body, your inner yes’s and no’s as well as what is empowering to you. In essence, the gut is the authority on what is authentically aligned with your human self. Give it a try sometime. When you’re tuning into something about your health, or wanting to know if you should make a decision, tune into your gut. Again, be mindful, that the head brain often wants to override the wise life force that flows through the physical body.

When starting, a good rule of thumb is to have a clear question. Next, focus on your solar plexus region, that space just above the belly button. Sometimes placing your hand on your belly helps to bring your focus more fully there. Then ask the question. The correct answer is likely the very first most immediate answer you get. The head will often hop in a split second after that first answer. People new to this level of inner listening will often doubt what is coming through because of the mixed messages. It might help to know that the head brain is simply butting in because it’s used to running the show.

Head Brain – Earth Knowledge – This brain refers to the intelligence that you gain while being human here on Earth. It’s the brain that is perceiving your conscious perception of reality. All of your beliefs, perceptions of truth and the way you feel you should be experiencing your life come through the head brain. It’s also the practical, biological access point of all the things we currently understand the brain to do. From the perspective of the work I do, the intellect is the executive thinker, the ego, the one who is the driving force in the human life. It’s the one who has a real belief about who and what you are, and if left to its own devices, will shut out all other intelligences to become the solo player in your life. This part of us is not a “bad guy” it’s simply an aspect of you that has been running the show and is doing it’s best to work overtime on your behalf. It doesn’t yet know that there are other intelligent contributing aspects of you that can help out with the heavy lifting. When you’re reaching out to the intelligence of the head brain, I don’t need to give you tips about that. You already do that all the time. Just ask the brain to do what it does and notice what it says.

These three very distinct intelligences, when combined and used in tandem are powerful internal resources that are often underutilized or overshadowed by the highly over accessed intellect or head brain. We highly honor head brain over heart and gut brain in our society. My goal is to help you become more intelligent by accessing more of your intelligence. You are more than your head brain.

Bypassing the mental chatter box

There are steps you can take to quiet that mental chatter box. I’ll cover that in another post. For now, my best advice is to tune into the three brains first thing in the morning before the mental chatter box has fully awakened. Another good time to tune in is after a great workout or meditation.

So the next time you need to make a decision. Tune into your three brains to gain more clear inner guidance.


  1. Have a clear question
  2. Ask the heart brain – get the answer – Write it down.
  3. Ask the gut brain – get the answer – Write it down
  4. Ask the head brain and notice what happens. It may or may not agree with what is flowing through. If not, you can explore having a dialog with the various brains. Through dialoging, come to an agreement or strategy using the three brains.
  5. Have fun with it!

Remember, 3 brains are better than 1!

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