The Layers of Your HEART

Your heart is very complex! When one spends any amount of time in reflection about the heart, it becomes clear that there is a LOT more going on then pumping blood through the body. As essential as that act is, it’s easy to overlook the power and potency of the heart and its involvement or lack of involvement with your daily activities.

Cool fun fact! The heart’s electromagnetic field is 5,000 times more powerful than the brains electromagnetic field! Isn’t that incredible!?

The heart is also comprised of energetic layers that are in conscious coordination with the way your see the world. It’s inextricably linked to your thoughts and beliefs about EVERYTHING!!!!

Here are 4 of the primary layers or energetic levels of the heart:

Physical – This level includes all of the thoughts and patterns of belief associated with your physical body, about how healthy your physical body is, how capable, balanced and able you are.

Mental – This layer is associated with all of your thoughts and beliefs about your capacity to love and live life to the fullest, your passion for the life you live and any restrictions to your worthiness and success in your life’s pursuits.

Emotional – This level is the gateway to understanding you and you capacity to give and receive love in all kinds of relationships.

Spiritual – This layer is the portal to your greater more expanded soul self. It provides access to tapping into your multi-dimensional gifts and skills. The skills that connect you to your true purpose and mission in life.

My mission is to offer you, my people, greater access to the broader benefits that come with tapping into your hearts many layers of powers! To connect you the life your soul came here to live to the fullest!

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