We all have latent parts of our personality that reflect the wounds we carry inside. Sometimes we’re aware of the wounds, sometimes we are made aware of them when we behave differently that we intend.

Wounds can come from difficult experiences in this life; they can be inherited and carried ancestrally through the physical, mental and emotional bodies as energetic artifacts of our lineage; they can also come from past life injuries carried as wounds on a soul level.

These wounds are not meant to further injure or to create suffering for past misdeeds, they are instead a flag along the path of a lifetime that offer healing opportunities in the current life. Like any opportunity, it can be taken or passed up.

You are not bad if you have these old negative patterns that show up in your life. It’s perfectly natural to all human beings, because on a soul level, we’re coming to this planet to have the experience of being human; to expand our understanding of living life through the vehicle of the physical body. Growing our collective understanding, creates expansion and growth.

Lately, the experience of surfacing or re-surfacing wounds has forced us all to look at our own stuff. It’s right in our faces and difficult to ignore in the way that may have been easier in the past. This is a healing opportunity. You can take it, or walk the other way. You can face it head on, or gradually. Sometimes the intensity with which these old wounds are showing up are intense and life changing. They can throw off our equilibrium and cast us into a place of fright or flight.

When we have new or old traumas that knock us off balance, it’s important to change tactics from our typical hustle and bustle. Routines that uplift you are important, and in the midst of a wound surge, choosing a strategy that allows you come into full acknowledgement and awareness of the event will be your best course of action. In other words, become nimble, flexible and able to pivot quickly.

When facing a shocking or life threatening experience there are those of us that freeze in a state of panic, shock and disbelief, and then there are the ones that just go into survival auto pilot and start thinking on their feet. I remember once reading that the greatest predictor of surviving a disaster is the ability to accept that something has happened, and start making the choices that will save your life.

We humans have a long history of mind blowing resilience and adaptability. What makes resilience possible is being nimble in the  mind. Cultivating the ability to think on our feet is an innate gift and powerful soul evolving tool. Like building strength in the body, we can increase our ability to strengthen our internal resilience and ability to pivot and adapt.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is in essence resilience training for the mind. There are a number of other positive benefits such as increasing: self sovereignty, better boundaries with the physical or non-physical realms, better intuition, inner balance, and mind body spirit wellness to name a few.

The bubbling up of old wounds feels crappy to everyone. No one is exempt. It feels so bad because the toxicity that’s rising up in us is something that was below the surface of awareness, and is now present as negative sensations in the felt experience. This negatively felt experience is your souls signal to pay attention to what is coming up. It’s our inner beings way to shake what’s ready to be released to the surface of the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual bodies, wave that flag to our conscious awareness to notice it, once done, a healing opportunity presents itself.

You can choose to take that healing journey, or try to bypass it in some way. Many of you may have already figured out that bypassing is not the same as going through the journey. The best thing to do is to go through it with the understanding that healing and freedom from that is gained by going through, not around. However, the choice is yours. As an infinite soul being, the rate at which you go through your old wounds will be unique to you.

Because this wound detox is a natural part of humans’ evolving consciousness, you can trust that evolution is happening. It’s simply a matter of deciding whether or not you want to go fast, medium or slow. You get to go through it at your pace. You need not to judge or compare your rate of evolution with others. To compare your rate of growth would be like focusing on one data point in an infinite number of datapoint of your souls experience missing the overall bigger picture. Like, missing the forest for the trees.

Your soul wants and supports your consciousness’s evolution. It also knows that it IS happening. It helps to trust in your always connected divine self and support. Your soul has all the info it needs to support you, and when you open to consult with your soul wisdom, you will be guided in ways that improve your life. You are not here living as a human to ‘go it alone’. Nope. You’ve got teams and legions of non-physical support here. The divine realm celebrates and honors the deep sacrifices and challenges required of you in this physical adventure. Your consciousness and a nimble mind are fast ways to access that support. We can forget that on a human level since life here on Earth can be a bit, well, messy. One of my purposes is to be a steadfast advocate
for us to remember that fact.

What I love about becoming more mind nimble is it’s fast, doesn’t require a massive lifestyle change. All that’s needed is a willingness to address wounds as they come up and move through them.

An incentive to do this is you’ll move through the quagmires of life more quickly while strengthening your level of resilience in life.

Here is a 10 step process for moving more nimbly through the emergence of an old wound.

  1. Acknowledge that you are having this sensation, feeling or experience, and become present and observe what you notice while breathing.
  2. Stay with it. This is when you’ll notice the urge to check-out, and dissociate from the discomfort of being present with this experience. Decide to trust that you have the courage to get through this temporary experience.
  3. Return your awareness to the sensation in the body that corresponds with the wound. It might feel like pain, tension, tightness, perhaps heaviness. Notice where in your body the sensation is.
  4. Let you imagination create a shape and color for this sensation in as if you could telepathically communicate with it.
  5. Do your best to be in the experience as it’s unfolding.
  6. Allow yourself to communicate telepathically with the wound. Ask the sensation, “What does it need at this moment?”
  7. Open to receive the answer telepathically.  It can be an image, sensation, download of understanding, healing light, sound.
  8. Observe the healing process taking place. Stay present with what you’re noticing.
  9. Stay with it until it ‘feels” complete.
  10. Repeat as needed.

Releasing our wounding comes in layers. It is important to be patient and kind with yourself as the human collective traverses the unfolding of this wild and truly awesome journey of life as human beings on glorious planet.

Affirmation: I am open to love, to growth and to the light of my soul.




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